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Fishing and its techniques

Fishing is the traditional activity of catching fish and there are many techniques for fishing. Apart from catching fishes, this term is used for other aquatic animals such as squid, octopus, invertebrates etc. Some of the commonly used techniques are hand gathering, netting, angling, trapping and so on.


Fishing spot

As agriculture depends on the soil and geographical properties, aquaculture depends on certain spots with the barometric conditions. There are various famous spots across the globe for fishing. Some of them are Montana, Florida Keys, New Zealand, Alaska, Belize, Patagonia and Labrador.


Fishing and its types

Fishing is carried out in many parts of the world and there are three types of fishing based on the purpose. They are artisan fishing, commercial fishing and recreational fishing. Artisan fishing is small scale low technology fishing. It is mainly carried out by coastal or ethnic groups and they use many traditional techniques such as rods, tackles, arrows, harpoons, dragnets etc.


Best places for fishing in the world

There are so many wonderful locations in the world for fishing. Sea fishing, when done at perfect location, will give a pleasurable experience to the fishers. This article describes some of the top spots around the globe for fishing. Madeira is a volcanic island with a sub-tropical climate making it suitable for fishing.

catching fish

Act of catching fish

Over many decades, fishing had been in practice for mankind. Fishing is an act of catching fish. Fishing also involves catching aquatic animals like mollusks, crustaceans etc. The total number of commercial fishermen is estimated to be around 38 million around the world. Fishing can be done for recreation, commercial, traditional basis.

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